Regular Maintenance

Properly maintaining your vehicle is so important. Making sure you upkeep with regular service appointments will keep your car running longer, safer and will eventually save you money. The cost of replacing something before it malfunctions is a lot lower than if you wait until it causes additional damage. When you stick to a maintenance schedule, you control when you service. If you skip appointments, your car could end up breaking down at any time. Small things like changing the spark plugs and replacing coolant make a big difference in the way your car runs. Whether you are going on a long road trip or driving to and from work, a safe car is a must. Knowing your vehicle has been given the go-ahead by a mechanic you trust gives you peace of mind you and your family are safe on the road.

Give us a call to schedule your next regular maintenance appointment. Peace of Mind is what we do best !

Seasonal Maintenance

As seasons change, so too do the demands placed on a vehicle. In order to maximize vehicle life and minimize changes in performance, some seasonal maintenance must be accomplished. Summerizing and Winterizing are important ownership responsibilities that prepare both car and driver for the upcoming conditions. Give us a call at any Season for Peace of Mind driving !